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The new MD 809 Internet Radio Tuner from Magnum Dynalab

The MD 809T Internet Radio Tuner         

Internet Tuner, Receiver

In developing our new line of Internet Radio Tuners (Receivers / Wifi Tuners), we considered our many years in the FM tuner business and how we have seen distributed audio take many forms. And with the introduction of various new technologies (Satellite Radio, DAB/DAB+, HD Radio), we have also taken a very cautious approach. For years, we exclusively built terrestrial FM tuners, despite the myriad of alternatives being developed. But as our reputation for quality in FM developed, we also continued to experiment in our design lab.

It wasn't until 2004 that we took our first step towards embracing the various digital audio broadcasts permeating our industry. First with the World Source Platform in the MD 109, and later with the launch of our line of XM Satellite Radio Tuners, we developed expertise in D-to-A technology, and were finally happy with the resultant signal (and sound) we were able to achieve. This development lead us to experiment with other digitally distributed audio broadcasts, and ultimately, led us to a medium that offers the greatest potential for music lovers, the Internet.

With the variety in signal quality distributed via Internet music stations, not all broadcasts will produce CD quality sound. But they are out there. And there are more than we could have imagined. With our advances in DAC design, and a growing number of high quality broadcasts coming on-line, we are mystified by the potential that Internet radio offers, and we are excited about our new line of Internet Radio Receivers / Tuners.

HD Radio is Coming Soon
to Magnum Dynalab


HD Radio technology allows broadcasters to transmit a high-quality digital signal. For listeners who have an HD Radio receiver, the benefits include:

  • FM radio that sounds almost as good as a CD

  • AM radio that sounds as good as traditional FM

  • No more static, pops, crackles or fades

  • Transmission of additional information, such as song titles and artists

  • Increased listening options with multicasting

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PFO Writers’ Choice Award, 2013
On behalf of the creative community at Positive Feedback Online, and in recognition of significant contributions to the audio arts in 2013, this award is hereby presented to Magnum Dynalab for their MD807T Internet Tuner / DAC in order to encourage further excellence in fine audio, to the greater good of all who love it.




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